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Scrap Iron Softball Club

The Scrap Iron Softball Club, based in Colorado, is the largest senior softball club in the United States. Our teams participate in local, national and international softball tournaments.

Scrap Iron Softball Club

Scrap Iron Softball Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization offering the opportunity and availability for seniors 40 and over to play competitive tournament softball. We have expanded since our beginnings in 1992. Teams are grouped in five year increments from 40 to 85 + years old and by four skill divisions. Our existence depends on fundraising and charitable contributions and we work hard to make our organization a success.


Our Mission

The mission of the Scrap Iron Softball Club is to provide a comprehensive infrastructure and support seniors to participate in local, national, and international softball play.

Value Statements


Play with integrity – represent the Scrap Iron organization with high integrity and a positive manner with your team, other teams, and umpires.

Strive for player participation and inclusion at the appropriate and desired age category.



Be loyal and committed to your team and the club; be supportive in club activities and fundraisers.

Be a great teammate – encourage and support teammates on and off the field, give and receive constructive feedback for the good of the team, attend practices and tournaments, give the best of yourself 100% of the time, play hard but be safe. get to know each other on and off the field.



Encourage a free exchange of ideas among all players and teams.

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining a team , please contact us below. Be sure to tell us about yourself in the Message section such as date of birth, playing positions, skill level, prior playing experience, etc.

If your team would like to become a Scrap Iron Club team, in the Message section. state the team name, division and be prepared to provide a roster with players' name, resident state and date of birth.

Thanks for submitting!

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